eBAB EV infrastructure

Customized chargers, stations, systems and management for wide range of uses


Multi-channel charging system allows several vehicles to be charged in an effective, systematic manner.


The System

Power source
(Korea Electric Power Corporation)

Incoming panels

Power banks


Sequential charging

Multi-Channel Charging System


→ Effective electricity management for sequential charging

→ Multiple charging modes in a single power bank

sequential or simultaneous

rapid or slow

Chargers available for different vehicles such as buses, cars, or personal transporters

→ Reduces maintenance cost

Capacity Power Banks Dispenser Total buses Rapid charging Simultaneous charging ① Sequential charging ②
1000kW 4(240kW) 120kW
2 Channels
12 Dispensers
24 Up to 4(240kW) Up to 8(120kW) Up to 16(120kW)
3(330kW) 165kW
2 Channels
9 Dispensers
18 Up to 3(330kW) Up to 6 (165kW) Up to 12(165kW)
2(360kW, for double charging port busses) 120kW
3 Channels
3 Dispensers
4 Up to 2(360kW) Up to 4 (2 240kW, 2 120kW vehicles) Up to 4 (2 240kW, 2 120kW vehicles)
2000kW 8(240kW) 120kW
2 Channels
24 Dispensers
48 Up to 8(240kW) Up to 16(120kW) Up to 32(120kW)
6(330kW) 165kW
2 Channels
18 Dispensers
36 Up to 6(330kW) Up to 12(165kW) Up to 24(165kW)

For a Stable Future.


Power banks

240kW / 330kW / 360kW

  • Separate core components for easy maintenance
  • Three charging modes available(Rapid, Sequential, Simultaneous)


Up to 4 channels from 2 channels

  • Easily expandable up to 4 times
  • Available for electric buses(including double-deckers, articulated buses) and cars

Charging Cable Balancing Device

Balancing Device

  • Protects the charging cable from possible external damage, such as dragging on floors
  • Based on an automated weight module

CSMS- system management

Centralized monitoring system provides overview of operating charging stations

Easy and accessible.

Remote Operation

Provides remote control over maintenance, charging reservations, charging mode systems based on standard OCPP protocol 

Charging system overview

Customizable UIs for monitoring chargers, vehicles, maintenance and security issues.

Monitoring on mobile devices

Charging status

Energy usage statistics

Live-time monitoring


Electric buses
Charger display
Incoming Panel
Power bank

Chargers with Separated Power Bank and Dispenser

Power converter(Power bank)


  • Able to charge multiple vehicles sequentially and simultaneously
  • Distributes different amount of electricity according to different contracts
  • Easy to install additional dispensers
  • Additional enclosure protecting power banks from external hazards
Models eBAB-240PS / 360PS / 330PS DC
Max Voltage 1000Vdc x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
Dimensions 930(W) x 906(D) x 1985(H) Max Current 200Adc x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
AC input 380Vac, 60Hz
244kW, 362kW, 332kW
Max Power 120kW x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
Certification Certificate of Conformity

Multi-Channel Dispenser


  • Multi-Channel Dispenser
  • 2-4 channels
  • Compatible with Combo1, Combo2 (4-channel models exclusive)
  • Incorporated 8-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Multiple payment options(RFID, NFC, Samsung Pay and more)
  • OCPP 1.6 certified

Available for kinds of EVs

Electric buses, trucks,

commmercial and private vehicles

Models eBAB-240KS / 360KS/ 330KS DC
Max Voltage 1000Vdc x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
Dimensions 450(W) x 560(D) x 1600(H) Max Current 200Adc x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
AC input 220Vac, Phase 60Hz Max Power 120kW x 2ch / 3ch / 4ch
Display 12 inch, LCD Operating temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃
Protection IP44 Safety measures shutdown on overvoltage, over current and short circuit
Certification KC Certification, Certificate of Conformity, OCPP Certification

LPR-Incorporated charger

License Plate Recognition(LPR)

By the act of Act on Promotion of Development and Distribution of Environment-friendly Motor Vehicles(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

100,000 KRW
is fined to:
Non-electric vehicles in an EV charging area
Those who obstruct entrance of an electric vehicles or park(up to 2 hours) after fully charging
200,000 KRW
is fined to:
Those who damage any facility or signs related to EV charging systems


  • Management system automatically charges parking and EV charging fees
  • License Plate Recognition(LPR) detects any case of violations
  • Security systems directly connected to customer service center and police stations
  • Multi-Channel charging system



Charging fee

  • Directions
  • Charging system
  • Charging system violations
  • Parking law violations
  • Fee settlement
  • Monitoring charging process




  • 차량 이동 유도
  • 충전 이용 안내
  • 충전방해 신고
  • 불법주차 신고
  • 충전요금 정산
  • 충전상황 안내
Model eBAB-120AS-C1B-L DC output
Max Voltage 500Vdc x 2ch
Dimensions 1200(W) x 1800(D) x 1000(H) Max Current 120Adc x 2ch
AC input 380Vac, 60Hz, 120kW / 250A Max Power 60kW x 2ch
Display 21 inch, LCD touchscreen Operating temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃
Protection IP44 Safety measures shutdown on overvoltage, over current and short circuit
Certification KC Certification, Certificate of Conformity, OCPP Certification

Low-speed, Pay-to-use Chargers

Low-speed charging(7kw/11kw)


  • Protection: IP65
  • Compatible vehicles: Type 1
  • Safety measures against overheating and overvoltage
  • Integrated emergency stop button
Models eBAB-120AS-C1B-L DC output Max Voltage 220Vdc x 1ch
Dimensions 406(W) x 450(D) x 162(H) Max Current 32Adc x 1ch
AC input 220Vac, 50Hz, 7kW / 32A Max Power 7kW x 1ch
Display - Operating temperature -30℃ ~ 55℃
Protection IP65

EV-charging Outlets


  • No additional installations for communication or power management systems
  • No additional space needed
  • Anti-theft measures
  • Drive up to 150km by charging 5~6 hours